Blogmas Day 9: DIY Photo Frame Gift.

I like to think that I'm quite a creative person, I love making and designing things. This DIY is cheap, easy to make and you can personalise it to the person you're making it for. You could even add in a picture of you and the person it's for to personalise it even more. Mine didn't quite work out as planned but I'm happy enough with them anyway!

You will need:
A glue gun/glue dots/double sided tape. (I used a glue gun)
A basic photo frame. (I got mine in packs of 2 from poundland!)
Beads/buttons/gems/ anything you want to decorate your frames with!

There are no instructions as you can be as creative as you want to be, but it might be worth planning out your design first! Here are some close ups of what I went for:

Have you got any of your own DIY's? If so let me know what! - Anna x


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