Blogmas Day 10: A Helping Hand.

Christmas isn't just about giving and receiving between family and friends. There are tons and tons of less fortunate people and there are more than a few ways that you can do something small to help someone in need, here are a few examples:

  • Every year Tesco (and I'm sure some other supermarkets) partner up with a food bank charity and provide lists with what kinds of food and gifts they need provided. Whether you choose to buy one thing or the whole list, every little really does help. This is the one thing I do every year without fail. 
  • Donate clothes to homeless charities or shelters or you could make up little individual packs from bulk buying things such as gloves, hats, energy bars, tooth paste, soap..etc. You could donate them directly to shelters or maybe carry a couple to give out if you see someone in need.
  • If you see someone out on the street in the cold weather maybe buy them some food or a hot drink. If they're local to your area and you have some old but usable blankets/bedding/coats that you don't need maybe offer them up. 
  • There's an app called streetlink where if you're concerned about someone sleeping rough you can 'report' them and connect them with a service that can help, failing that I'm sure you can find numbers for local shelters and other services with a quick google. 
These are just a couple of ideas but I'm sure there are loads more things you can do. Whether it's donating one tin of food to a food bank or making a generous cash donation, nothing is too small or too big. Doing something to help really does feel good.

Let me know if there's something you do to help each year! - Anna x


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