Blogmas Day 18: 5 Things I Hate About Christmas.

A slightly controversial post for Day 18, things I don't like about Christmas/winter. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas however there are a few things about this time if year that I really don't like. 

  1. Christmas Songs/Music I just find them so irritating and overly jolly, they bug me so much. 
  2. People constantly moaning about the cold weather, yes its cold. Get over it. 
  3. Everywhere shopping wise is horrendously busy, to the point where I've given up Christmas shopping in person and did all of my own this year online. 
  4. Christmas cards, I rarely give Christmas cards, even to close family with presents as I just don't see the point when I can just say it to their face. Although I guess when I'm older and moved away from home I'll be a firm fan. 
  5. Mince pies/Christmas cake/Christmas pudding, anything with raisins in is a big no no from me

After all that I promise I'm not a scrooge or a miserable bitch (most of the time) it's just a few things that bug me about this time of year!

Is there anything that you don't like about Christmas? Let me know! - Anna x


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