Blogmas Day 22: My 3 New Years Resolutions.

I'm not usually one for resolutions, mainly because I can never stick to them. I've only ever managed to stick to two and that's only been in the past two years, the first was to take my make up off every single night, which I've now proudly done for almost two years and the second was to take better care of my skin this year...which I've mostly done! This is going to be a very small list of 3 things I'd like to change or improve on in 2019.

  1. This is such a standard one that everyone always starts off with but never actually sticks to, but I'd like to get healthier. Physically with food & exercise but also mentally with mental health related stuff. 
  2. I tend not to talk about my mental health to anyone really but leading on with the first one, anxiety is a big issue for me. It's definitely improved in some aspects over the years, and I've accomplished lot's of things to be proud of but there is still a long long way to go. One of the things I can't do is go places on my own, I can travel by bus if I'm meeting someone on the other end to places I know but that's about it. I couldn't for example go into town shopping on my own. A huge goal for 2019 would be to be able to do that.
  3. My third and final resolution came to me randomly one day and it's that I want to learn a new language, and the one I've chosen is Dutch! (I had no idea what to pick so googled the easiest languages to learn and chose this one lol) I've kind of already started learning and can so far say a few words and about 2 sentences at a push! 

So there we have it, my new years resolutions. I've never actually written goals out like this before so it will be interesting to see in a year what I've managed to accomplish.

Have you got any resolutions for next year? Let me know what they are! - Anna x



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