Blogmas Day 20: What I Do On Christmas Day.

Every family have their own Christmas day traditions and me being the nosey person that I am, I love knowing what other people do. So I thought I would share mine in the hopes that someone might find it interesting but if not at least I've got it in writing to look back on! 

The day usually starts between 7-9am, me, my brother and sister all take our stockings up to my parents room, where we all sit on the bed and open our stockings, my parents included as they give each other stockings too. We then 'conga' down the stairs ( I cringe and refuse but my dad loves it as it's his weird little tradition that he loves to do) and open each others main presents and any extras from under the tree before eating breakfast - usually croissants, berries and bucks fizz. After breakfast my dad will disappear into the kitchen for the rest of the morning to cook lunch, whilst me, my mum, sister and brother either watch TV, play games or get ready for the day (if we can be bothered). 

Around midday my Auntie arrives and we crack open more bucks fizz and/or champagne and once again exchange presents. My Nan and Uncle then arrive causing more drinks to flow. Usually around 2/3pm lunch is served, after lunch my dad usually retreats to the sofa and the rest of us stay at the table playing games and drinking, consequences is usually the firm favourite. After 'game time' we move over to the sofas to chill out and watch TV and then exchange presents for the last time. By this point despite having a huge lunch some of us are usually starting to get hungry so I help my mum set up a buffet spread, full of hot rolls, cold meats (not for me, but for everyone else), cheese boards, crackers, crisps etc. Whilst eating we usually watch a film as Christmas TV has seemed to get worse and worse over the years, I've actually already picked out what film to watch this year! Once the film has finished everyone heads home/to bed, and thats it, Christmas Day is done. 

Writing it all out like that it seems quite regimented, I can assure you it's not. A lot more drink also gets consumed! All this has got me super exited for Christmas now! What are your Christmas Day traditions!? - Anna x  


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