Blogmas Day 11: Top 3 Christmas Films.

Now I'm not actually a very big fan of Christmas films, specifically 'traditional' Christmas films. I've not seen any of the ones that people bang on about constantly Cough Elf cough, shock horror I know. I'm more of a cheesy hallmark kinda gal. Here are the top three Christmas films I recommend.

1) The Holiday, 2006.
A complete classic, I've never met anyone who doesn't love this film. It's Christmasy, there's comedy & romance, you'll laugh and you might even cry too. It's perfect and any thing with Cameron Diaz in is usually fab. 
2) Santa Who,2000.
The only Santa based film I enjoy and it hits me right in the feels as it's the one I used to always watch when I was younger. Its heart warming and full of mischief, definitely a feel good film. 

3) A Christmas Prince (1&2)
A slightly newer film to the table but a good one none the less. This is the cheesy, easy to watch kinda film I love, it's just an added bonus that it's set around Christmas time. The second film came out recently and I can report it's just as good, if not better!

What are your favourite non 'traditional' Christmas films? Let me know - Anna x 
*none of the images in this post are mine, neither do I claim them to be*


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