Primark Face Masks Review!

So when I went into primark recently I was shocked at how insane their beauty section is. They had everything from lipsticks to body scrubs to teeth whitening strips. Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the array of everything, I decided to focus on one of my favourite things face masks! I LOVE face masks from mud to clay to peel off to sheet masks I love them all and have a sizable collection. Below is my review on just four of primarks masks. 

   Deep Cleansing Blueberry Bubble Mask, £0.80p:
   Now I was skeptical about this mask, mainly because of the price. My main concern was whether or not it was actually going to 'bubble up' or not. But I was wrong and my god did it deliver. I was shocked at just how much it bubbled up. The only downside to this mask was it didn't really smell like blueberries and that after taking it off my face felt slightly 'tacky', although this only lasted for a few minutes and as the mask isn't branded as being moisturising or hydrating its not really an issue. Minuscule problems aside my face felt cleansed and fresh afterwards and my skin even had a subtle glow. I would 100% use this mask again, for just £0.80 it more than delivered. 

Rating- 4/5.

   Holler Back Illuminating Sheet Mask, £3.00:
    This was definitely the prettiest of the the four masks but like we all know, appearance isn't everything. I'll start by saying this is by no means an awful mask, I just expected more from it. It smells nice and my skin did have a slight luminous glow to it straight after use but there were no lasting affects. While the mask was on my face if I moved slightly causing the mask to move it felt almost sticky. With a lot of face masks after you take them off you can usually massage any leftover residue into your face but this one specifically said to 'tissue off'. Even after wiping it off with a damp washcloth my face was left feeling sticky. For these reasons I won't be buying this mask again as I feel for the price there are similar ones that give longer lasting results. 

Rating- 2.5/5.

   Moisturising Avocado Sheet Mask, £1.50:
    I have super dry skin so anything that claims to be moisturizing I naturally sway towards which is why I was so excited to try this mask. The mask was very wet and while wearing it it felt moisturising and like it was actually doing something to my skin. However when I removed the mask I was disappointed to find that although to the eye my skin looked nice, it wasn't very soft and actually felt quite dry but also tacky in some places. I would use this mask again if I was given it but I don't think I would actively go out and repurchase it.

Rating- 3/5

   Plumping Vitamin E Sheet Mask, £1.50:
    Vitamin E is known for being good for your skin, it can be used to treat stretch marks and scarring, stimulate hair growth, restore dehydrated skin and so much more. Which is why these days you'll find Vitamin E in more and more beauty products. I don't have a lot to say for this mask as I found the results extremely similar to the avocado mask. The only difference between the two masks above were that this one was actually slightly wetter. Again the mask felt nice while it was on but left no immediate affects. For the same reasons above I wouldn't repurchase this mask again.  
Rating- 3/5.

Where are some of your favourite masks from? - Anna x


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