Vegan Oreo Brownie Recipe

Oh look it's another vegan baking recipe. For someone who claims not to have that much of a sweet tooth, I sure do appear to eat a lot of sweet treats. That being said there will be some savory recipes coming soon, I promise. As I've spoken about before, I'm not actually vegan, I'm a vegetarian but I am also lactose intolerant and although I can tolerate a lot more dairy than I used to be able to, where ever I can, I like to make substitutions. I thought it would be a challenge to create a tasty vegan chocolate brownie recipe but it was actually surprisingly easy and I think (crosses my fingers and prays) that I got it right on my first try! The ingredients for this recipe are measured in grams, I did start trying to convert them into cups but it got quite complicated. So here I've linked a website that can hopefully do all of that for you.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 45-55 minutes

  • Medium/large square cake tin
  • Grease proof paper
  • Mixing bowl
  • Scales
  •  250g Plain flour
  • 350g Demerara sugar
  • 70g Cocoa powder
  • 1tsp Baking powder/Bicarb
  • Pinch of salt
  • 250ml Water
  • 200ml melted coconut oil
  • 50ml Almond milk
  • 1tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1/2 packets of oreos
  • packet/bar chocolate chips/chunks 

  1. Preheat your oven to 180C/350F, line your brownie tin with grease proof paper and melt your coconut oil by placing the jar into a bowl of boiling water.
  2. Measure out and mix all of your dry ingredients, the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, bicarb and salt into your mixing bowl.
  3. Next you want to add in all of your wet ingredients, pour in the oil first and mix before adding the water and vanilla extract. Add in the almond milk last, a small amount at a time. If necessary you can add a splash more milk than stated. You want the mixture to be smooth and thick but not so thick that it doesn't move. 
  4. Once all the wet ingredients are properly mixed in add your chocolate chips/chunks and stir once again. 
  5. Pour half of your brownie mix into the tin setting the other half aside. Lightly press the Oreos into the mixture, I went for three lines of three (resulting in 9 brownies). Once you've done that pour the rest of your mixture over the Oreos making sure they're all evenly covered.
  6. Finally smash up the remaining Oreos in the packet and scatter evenly on top of your brownie mix. Before placing into the oven.
  7. After around the 30 minute mark continuously check on your brownies until you feel like they're cooked, this is usually around 45 minutes but can sometimes be longer/shorter. When you take them out they will not be 100% cooked, the middle might still appear to be 'wet'. You might think they need longer but they don't as they will eventually set. Any longer and they might turn out more like cake than a brownie. 
  8. Ideally you'll need to leave your brownies out but covered over night for them to fully set, if you're in a rush putting them in the fridge or even the freezer for a few hours will work. Once they're completely set you can work on your decoration. 
  9. Cut your brownies into 9 even squares and then melt some chocolate into a bowl and using a spoon drizzle lines over the top of the brownies, don't worry about being messy as it always looks better that way! 
  10. If you've got some Oreos left (or if you were prepared and brought more than one packet) crush up a few, 2/3 will be more than enough and sprinkle over the brownies while the chocolate is still drying.
  11. That's it, you're done. Sit back, relax and try not to eat all of them in one sitting. Or do, I don't judge. 

If you make these let me know in the comments if you enjoyed them! Is there anything else you would like to see me bake? Let me know in the comments! - Anna x 


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