Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box August 2018 Review.

Look incredible are a company that provide monthly ( Standard box is every two months, Deluxe box is every month) subscription boxes both standard (£25 pm) and deluxe (£35 pm). The monthly boxes contain 4/5 full sized beauty products. I'm subscribed to the deluxe box which contains brands such as Chanel, Dior, Tarte, Too Faced and many many more. £35 might seem like a lot but when the total product value for each deluxe box is usually between £90-£100+ it's a no brainer.

Nars Dual Intensity Blush in 'Adoration'- £30.
One of the prettiest blush duos I've seen. At first I had doubts about the bright pink but it's super blendable and you can build it up. The formula contains pearls and pigments to allow for a uniquely weightless and luxurious texture. The light pink shade also works super well as a highlight on my skin tone. 
Rating- 5/5.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 'Delight'- £28.50.
Everything about this lipstick is gorgeous. The colour is a super pretty, sheer but buildable pink. The texture is balm like and moisturising thanks to the concentrated ultra-moisturising core that runs the length of the stick. Even the packaging is wonderful, as well as looking luxurious, when it hits the light it shines purple, blue, yellow and gold. 
Rating- 5/5

Benefit They're Real! Mascara in 'Black'- £21.50.
A cult classic. This was my favourite mascara a few years ago and some how I had forgotten about it, until now. It's my favourite style of brush, stays on all day and doesn't smudge. The glossy formula coats lashes from root to tip leaving them full and fluttery and people asking ''are they real''. 
Rating- 5/5.

Too Faced Pure Gold Loose Glitter- £17.
Infused with real gold this glitter can be sprinkled lightly as a finishing touch or packed on for a dramatic look. It's ultra fine and can be used anywhere on the body. Although I wouldn't use this everyday, it will definitely be coming on holiday with me. 
Rating- 4/5.

Total Box Value- £97
Overall Box Rating- 4.5/5.

Have you tried Look Incredible yet? What would you like to try from this box? - Anna x

( p.s sorry this is very late and pretty shit, I've been in a weird mood recently and then when I actually finally sat down to write it and was about to publish it, it got deleted and I had to write it all again :)) ) 


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