Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box December 2017 Review.

Look incredible are a company that provide monthly subscription boxes both standard (£25 pm) and deluxe (£35 pm). The monthly boxes contain 4/5 full sized beauty products. I'm subscribed to the deluxe box which contains brands such as Chanel, Dior, Tarte, Too Faced and many many more. £35 might seem like a lot but when the total product value for each deluxe box is usually between £90-£100+ it's a no brainer. Once again Look Incredible have hit it out of the park, I couldn't be more please with this months box if I tried. 

Gucci Duo Magnetic Eye shadow in 020 Amaretto, £38:
I've never tried anything from Gucci's beauty line before so I was excited to see this when I opened the box. These two eye shadows are the type of colours I wear on a daily basis as I have blue eyes and peachy/orange/gold/copper shades tend to make blue eyes pop. They are highly pigmented, are easy to apply and so far seem to be long lasting.
Rating- 5/5

The Balm Pick Up Liner in Checking You Out, £14.99:
I don't often wear a bright lip, I definitely sway more towards the nudes end of the scale but every so often I do like to at least try to rock a bold lip. I have a few different lipsticks similar to this colour but have struggled to wear them due to lack of lip liner, however I feel like that is about to change. So far I love this liner, its's creamy to apply and actually seems stays in place. It's highly pigmented and I highly recommend it.
Rating- 4/5.

Benefit Air Patrol Eye Primer, £24: 
I can't quite believe there was ever a time when I didn't use an eye primer, what was I thinking?! My favourite ever eye primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I have never yet come across one that works as well so I'm looking forward to giving this primer a go. I will however say that this primer seems to run more on the orange/yellow toned side so I'm not quite sure how well this will work for me and my paper white skin. It's also worth pointing out that this primer is around £4-£7 more than the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 
*Rating- 3/5.*

 Vichy Slow Age Daily Care Fluid with SPF25 50ml, £30:
I want to start off by saying wow, just wow. I've been using this for just three days and I can already see a difference in my skin. My skin type is sensitive, super dry and dull so it takes a lot for it to feel hydrated. In just a couple of days I have noticed a small difference in the general appearance of my skin, its looking less dull and feels ever so slightly more hydrated. The name of this product might seem slightly confusing but essentially it's just a moisturiser, you can apply it every morning as a day cream. It's hypoallergenic, lightweight and smells incredible.

   Flora.py Clear Complexion Sheet Mask in Dandelion Lemongrass, $8/£5.96:
I love face masks, sheet masks in particular are my favourite. Although I'm yet to try this specific mask, I have tried multiple different ones from this brand and none of them have disappointed me so I hold high hopes and expectations that this will be another great mask.

Total box value- £112.95.
Overall box rating- 4.5/5.
What monthly boxes are you subscribed to? Let me know in the comments! - Anna x

* rating based on very first impression of the product taking into the fact that I haven't yet properly tried out this product.


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