Top Tip Tuesday: Fashion Edition.

  • Cheap jewellery turning your skin green? Take a bottle of clear nail varnish and paint 1-2 light coats over your item, making sure you wait for it to dry completely before wearing and voila! Green skin no more.
  • Bobbles all over your clothes? Then look no further than your razor, believe it or not this works just as well as an actual de-bobbler. Apply light/medium even pressure making sure you don't go to fast. Works on most fabrics but is best on tights! 
  • Don't have time to try on those trousers? You should be able to roughly figure out if they'll fit or not by wrapping the waistline around your neck. If the waistline comfortably fits together then the trousers should fit! It may look strange but will definitely save you time. *A side note for jeans, if you're debating over two sizes go for the smaller of the two as jeans tend to stretch with wear.*
  • An incredible pair of shoes that are just a smidgen too tight? Buy them anyway, you should be able to loosen them up by trying on the shoes with a pair of socks and then blast them with a hair dryer. The heat should cause the material of your shoes to expand. 

          What are your top fashion tips? - Anna x


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