The Lust List: January 2018

I thought I would start off the new year  ( I know I'm a month late oops, I was late when I was born so lateness is in my blood, please forgive me xo) with a new series. The Lust List is going to be a monthly mini post on things I've been lusting over for that month. Unlike a favourites post it will be things that I don't own and haven't tried before, the main reason for that being, I'm a broke ass bitch. I'll happily drop 30 pounds on a meal for myself but a blouse for that price?! God no, who do you think I am? Anyway! Getting back to what I'm actually suppose to be writing about here's 3 things I've been wanting through the month of January. 

Too Faced White Peach Eye shadow Palette, £32/$45.
This palette has been everywhere recently, every single time I've been on social media BAM there it is, and it's only making me want it more. The colours are my colours with sparkling peach, champagne, soft pink, and deep plum shades in matte, shimmer and glitter shades. It's also infused with peach and sweet fig cream?? Like what, the whole thing is just glorious. I'm counting down the days until I can get my hands on it. They've also just released a Just Peachy Mattes Eye Shadow Palette which has sent me spiraling as well, I NEED both right now. 

Prada Pattina Velvet Shoulder Bag, £1,380.
Firstly the price of this bag makes my heart hurt, secondly look how pretty it is though.
After browsing on Net-A-Porter through the bag section for what seemed like hours and crying over everything that I couldn't afford. I logged into Facebook (random but stay with me on this) scrolling through pictures of dogs, people and shared ladbible posts *insert eye roll here* suddenly I see a suggested post for net-a-porter and oh whats that oh look its the very same bag I was just crying looking at, hmmmm how very strange. So for the next couple of days every time I was on Facebook this suggested post would appear which is A) Super creepy and weird and B) super annoying because this bag is beautiful and I just can't afford it. It's emerald and green velvet (I love anything velvet), with gold hardware and a shoulder strap that can be detached to become a clutch!! It's everything and I'm in love. 

Self-Portrait x Robert Clergerie Velvet Karlit Boots, £201.12*
*down from £418.41
So in case you couldn't tell from the above bag, I REALLY like velvet. I also really love boots, so velvet boots, to quote Lizzie McGuire are 'what dreams are made of '. The heel height is perfect, the colour is perfect and the zip and ribbon detail at the back of the ankle is just so cute. I came across similar boots to these in primark recently, almost the same colour & velvet just without the ribbon, they were £6 in the sale but unfortunately didn't have my size, gutted is not a big enough word. 

*Images in this post are clearly not mine, nor do I claim them to be* 

What have you been lusting over recently? Let me know in the comments!- Anna x


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